Crobin is a filmmaker who grew up in Long Island, NY. As a child, he hid in curbside garbage, played with dead muskrats and peed on friends from trees. He once went weeks without using his hands. He always received A+'s in art class and went on to graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design from SVA. He worked as a creative at MTV for 9 years and is currently a commercial and content director with Gravy Films. He's a winner of multiple awards including ADC's Young Guns. He doesn't like prematurely stopped microwaves, coffee, head massagers or gum chewing. He resides in Boulder, CO but is allowed out of state from time to time for good behavior. Organ donor.

Commercial representation by Gravy Films
Brent Stoller (EP) -

• Art Directors Club Young Guns 8
• Art Directors Club Silver Cube
• Winner of the 2016 Pre-Super Bowl Ad War
• Creativity Award (multiple Platinum, Gold, Silver)
• Promax|BDA (multiple Gold, Silver, Bronze)
• Beacon Award (multiple)
• Joel. A Berger Award
• Official Selection of the Big Apple Film Festival and ADC Butter